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How To Manage Your Data Usage

Vincent Rahming - August 23, 2022 - 0 comments

Our Best Tips To Help You Manage Your Data Usage Better

Depending on the type of apps you use or how you use your phone, data charges can add up really quickly. Almost all apps use a certain amount of data, but the amount can vary depending on the app’s features and the time you spend on each. Naturally, apps with video and streaming features can deplete your data in record time (even when running in the background), but there are some hidden features on your phone which may surprise you by how quickly they drain your data. We’re here to help

Depending on your device, here’s how to find which apps are using the most data and cut down on data overuse.

Finding Your iPhone Data Usage

On your iPhone, go to the Settings Menu and navigate to the Mobile Data . Here you will see the data consumption of each app, and this menu will also highlight the apps that use the most data. We recommend turning off WI-FI Assist if you do not want Wi-Fi to share your mobile data. 

 Finding Your Android Data Usage 

On your Android phone’s setting menu, click on data usage and navigate to “Cellular data usage”. Scroll and you will see the apps that use the most data, and a general view of the data consumption on each app. 

Features That Drain Your Data Usage:  

  • Streaming/downloading video or audio (music or radio) from the internet 
  • Using your phone as a Wi-Fi hotspot 
  • Using map/GPS apps 
  • Uploading or sharing photos and videos through social media, email, or messaging apps 
  • Setting your email to automatically fetch new emails  
  • Using apps that automatically update or require the use of location services 

ALIV Tips to Manage Your Data Usage:  

  • Connect to a Wi-Fi network whenever you can 
  • Close and sign out of apps as much as you can 
  • Use a data usage manager app like My Data Manager or Data Usage Pro to monitor your high usage apps 
  • Upgrade your plan to increase your data usage allowance. Check out ALIV data plans to find out that suits your everyday use. 

Don’t forget, as an ALIV customer, you can quickly check your data usage by selecting the data icon on the MyALIV app Home Screen after logging into your account.  



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