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Junkanoo Parade FAQs

Sania J Duncombe - December 12, 2023 - 0 comments

Q. How do I view my Junkanoo tickets once I’ve purchased?

A:Your tickets can be viewed from your ALIV Events app or online portal’s digital wallet:

  • From the app, click on the wallet icon. Once there, you will find your tickets listed in the ‘My Current Tickets’ tab.
  • Select the Event Name of choice to view your tickets.
  • When using the online portal, select the Event Name of choice to view your tickets.

Q: I purchased multiple tickets for myself and others, How do I transfer a ticket to someone else? 

A: To transfer a ticket from your digital wallet:

  • Begin by accessing the wallet icon or the tab labeled ‘wallet.’ Choose ‘My Current Tickets’ and the desired Event Name to view the tickets for transfer. In the upper right corner of the Event Name section, click on ‘Transfer.’
  • A pop-up window will appear; enter the mobile number of the individual to whom you want to transfer the tickets, and then click ‘Send.
  • Another pop-up will appear, allowing the sender to choose the specific tickets they wish to transfer. Once selected, click ‘Transfer Now.
  • Upon completion, a pop-up will appear, stating, ‘Congratulations! Your ticket has been transferred successfully to “XXXX.”’ Press ‘Close’ to return to the main Wallet page.
  • To review the transfer details, select ‘Transfer History’ to see the recipient of the ticket.

*Please note: Screenshots of tickets and printed copies of e-tickets will NOT be accepted at the gates.


Q. When do the 2023 Junkanoo parades start?

A: The upcoming parade details are as follows:

Boxing Day Parade:
Date: Monday, December 25th
Time: 10:00 PM | Gates Open: 8PM

New Year’s Day Parade:
Date: Monday, January 1st
Time: 2:01 AM | Gates Open: 12AM


Q: How are tickets redeemed at the gate on the day of Junkanoo?

A: All digital tickets will and can only be scanned ONCE at individual checkpoints and ONLY from the ALIV Events App. Make sure to have your digital ticket open and ready from your digital wallet in the app for scanning.

Q. How do I find my seating section?

A: You can find your seating in this chart below. Please check your e-ticket for your seating section letter and locate the section letter at the front of each entry gate. Make sure to check your entry gate, your row and your exact seat number.

Entry Gates are: 
For Section A: Frederick Street North         For Section F: Parliament Street North
For Section B: Charlotte Street North         For Section G: Charlotte Street South
For Section C: Frederick Street South         For Section H: Parliament Streeth South
For Section D: Charlotte Street South         For Section I, J, & K: Sir Milo’s Bust (checkpoint on East St.)
For Section E: Charlotte Street North         For Section L – Bank Lane
                                   For Section M: East Street North

Q: How do I read my Junkanoo Ticket to make sure I have the right seating?

A: This video should help you read your ALIV Events Junkanoo Ticket.



Q. I can’t access my tickets on the ALIV Events app. What should I do?

A: First you should try refreshing your app. You can do this by clicking the ALIV log-in icon in the upper left-hand corner of the app.

You can also check your email for your ticket confirmation if you cannot access the ALIV Events app. Please check your junk or spam mail. If you have not received your ticket, please email us at

Q. Someone is in my seat; what should I do?

A: Present the Gate Marshall with the original email for your ticket or the purchaser email from the original purchase if you purchase a third-party ticket. Once you provide your validated email, the Gate Marshall will seat you.

Q. Where are the restrooms located?

A: The restrooms are in the following locations:
i. Bank Lane; and
ii. Parliament Street

Q. Where can I get Top Up during the parade?

A: ALIV vans are located through George Street, and Cabinet Office’s parking lot. The team is more than happy to assist. Of course you can always top up your myALIV wallet or buy plans in the myALIV app.

Q. Will the Junkanoo parade be live-streamed?

A: Yes! The parade will be live, via:
Our News YouTube channel
ALIV’s Facebook page
REV’s Facebook page

We recommend coming to Bay street early to avoid seating delays! Our Junkanoo ticket guide should help you get the best out of the Junkanoo experience. For more information on the ALIV Events app and Junkanoo, visit here. Need to buy Junkanoo tickets? You can purchase them online here or in the ALIV Events app.

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