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how to create great company culture

Company culture isn't just for Silicon Valley start-ups; in fact, I personally believe it's something that's all too often overlooked by smaller businesses. It sets…

admin August 28, 2020

interview techniques to help hire the right candidate

Although it can be tedious and sometimes overwhelming, I have always found recruiting new employees to be one of the most successful parts of owning or managing…

admin August 27, 2020

keeping your guests happy: 5 tips for great customer service

Customer satisfaction has always been a priority for business owners, but it's especially crucial now, given the influence of reviews and personal recommendations.…

admin August 27, 2020

10 reasons why your business should be using social media

The world of social media can be intimidating, especially if you have no experience in online marketing. However, with more and more people now owning smartphones…

admin August 27, 2020

top tips for a happy workplace

We all work better when we are happy, and that’s just a fact. Find out how to help boost your team’s happiness in your workplace.

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ALIV is 100% Bahamian owned so we know how to support and shape Bahamian business’ and our communities.


We invested in world class technology and infrastructure to help grow your business no matter what the size!

past performance questions

Get to know your interviewee. Download our past performance questions to better understand your candidate and to see if they are the right fit for your business.

interview questions

Hiring made easy. Simply download our list of essential interview questions to help you find the best candidates for your company.

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Start your business venture on the right foot. Download our editable business plan and customize it to suit your business’ personality.


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believe in advancement webinar series

host: Jayme C. Pinder

how we create – the product development and marketing processes

september 18th, 2020

11am @ zoom (webinar)

liberty reimagined & the great pursuit

october 16th, 2020

11am @ zoom (webinar)

about black friday & the importance of sales

November 20th, 2020

11am @ zoom (webinar)

community & giving & together

december 18th, 2020

11am @ zoom (webinar)

world hunger day

october 16th, 2020

world hunger day

october 16th, 2020

ALIV’s Anniversary

november 11th, 2020

black friday

november 27th, 2020

cyber monday

november 30th, 2020

national christmas tree lighting ceremony

december 4th, 2020

postpaid exclusive event

december 12th, 2020


december 25th, 2020

boxing day

december 26th, 2020

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