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Ring FAQs

Ring devices don’t require a Ring Protect subscription plan. Without a subscription, you can view real-time video for Ring doorbells and security cameras and answer doorbell notifications as they happen. However, without a Ring Protect plan, you won't get video recordings of those events.


With a Ring Protect plan, you can save, review, and share video recordings from your Ring devices to your Ring account. Ring Protect plans are available for purchase with a monthly or annual subscription. Once purchased, your subscription will automatically renew and continue until you choose to cancel it, which you can do anytime from your account on Learn how to cancel.

New Ring devices come with a 30-day Ring Protect Trial. Your trial automatically starts when you set up a new video doorbell, security camera, or alarm in the Ring app.

Ring Protect Basic includes video recording for one doorbell or security camera in your home.
You can save, download, and share recorded videos from your Ring account. You’ll also get a 10% discount on purchases of select Ring products on and (terms and conditions apply). Ring Protect Basic costs $3.99/month or $39.99/year (save $9 with annual purchase).

Ring Protect Plus includes video recording for all doorbells and security cameras in your home.

You also get an extended warranty plus 10% off select Ring products on and Terms and conditions apply. Ring Protect Plus costs $10/month or $100/year (save $20 with annual purchase).

ALIV will deliver your Ring order to you in person if you select delivery upon checkout. You can also pick up your Ring order in-store at ALIV Southwest Plaza.

You'll be charged when you place your order during the checkout process.

You can securely purchase a device on using any major credit or debit card. Your connection to our servers is backed by standard security protocols for handling sensitive information.

To purchase a Ring Protect plan (on its own or with a device), you must use a credit or debit card and purchase directly through Ring. Ring Protect plans are not available at ALIV. Click here to learn more about ring protect plan.

Yes. All Ring devices come with a limited One-year warranty and theft protection. You can get an extended warranty for all Ring devices when you subscribe to Ring Protect Plus. Warranties are executed through Ring USA and not directly with ALIV.

Information on Ring’s Limited Warranty and Theft Protection Plan.



Some Ring doorbells and security cameras are battery-powered and don’t require wiring to work. Other devices are plug-in only or require hard-wiring.

Battery-powered doorbells can be wired to your internal doorbell chime. However, they only receive a trickle-charge from the wiring and are primarily powered by the battery. Doorbell solar chargers can also provide a trickle charge to battery devices.

Note: Consult the individual product’s FAQ for a listing of the power options available for that device.

Ring doorbells may be connected to low voltage transformers that power internal doorbell chimes. You can connect a Ring doorbell in series with a transformer operating between 8V and 24V AC only (40V max) at 50/60Hz. Intercom systems and DC transformers aren't compatible. Do not use a halogen or garden lighting transformer to power your Ring device.

Always follow the safety instructions in your Ring device manual. Turn off the power at the breaker before working with any electrical wires.

WARNING: Electric shock hazard. Disconnect power to installation area at your circuit breaker or fuse box before beginning installation. Always use caution when handling electrical wiring.

Installation by a qualified electrician may be required in your area. Refer to your local laws and building codes before performing electrical work; permits plus professional installation may be required by law.

Your Ring doorbell comes with a partially charged battery because there are restrictions related to shipping fully-charged lithium batteries. The battery should have enough charge to set up the doorbell. However, if you have experienced multiple failed setup attempts, you may need to fully charge the battery before you can complete the setup process.

If you’re wiring a battery-powered doorbell, you'll still need to charge your battery to 100% for the best performance. Hardwiring only provides a trickle charge to battery-powered doorbells.

Depending on the device, it should take 4-10 hours for a battery to fully recharge.

Yes. You'll receive email reminders when your battery needs charging. The Ring app will also display a low-battery warning on each device that is running low.

When you set up a Ring device, you’ll get step-by-step instructions in the Ring app. In addition the Ring Help Center has hundreds of articles available on all aspects of installing and operating your Ring devices.

Yes. One person is considered the Owner of a Ring account and the Owner can add as many Shared Users as they would like.

How to invite a Shared User to your Ring account.

No, as long as you’re signed in to the app, your smartphone, tablet or computer, you will receive notifications.

Learn how to set up notifications on your computer

During your device setup, you'll be asked to give each Ring device a unique name. Notifications are delivered with the name of the device that triggered them, showing you exactly where the activity is taking place.

Learn more about extreme temperatures and Ring devices here.

Adjusting Ringer Volume on your Ring Video Doorbell

To adjust the volume of the Ringer on your Ring Video Doorbell:

  1. Open the Ring app to access your Dashboard.
  2. Find the device whose volume you'd like to adjust and tap Settings.
  3. Tap the Device Settings tile.
  4. From the list, choose General Settings.
  5. Here you will find a volume slider you can use to set the Ringer volume.

Android Version 9 or higher, with access to the Google Play Store, is required for the Ring App. iOS Apple Version 14 and above is required for the Ring app.

Ring devices support WPA2, WPA, and WEP. However, we do not recommend using WEP as it is an older standard and not as secure as other options. When possible, use WPA2 encryption for a more secure connection and broadest compatibility.

Consult your router's owner's manual or contact your internet service provider to learn how to update your network security.

Yes. Ring products are FCC approved.

No. Ring does not have facial recognition technology in any of its devices or services.


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