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ALIVFibr Frequently Asked Questions

Simply put, absolutely! The main reason for this difference lies with the fact that traditional cable connections use copper wires. These wires can pick up interference from other signals, ultimately weakening the data signal resulting in slower speeds and even service disruptions. Fibre techonology transmits data using light signals for 20x faster speed.

If your computer or laptop has an ethernet port or Wi-Fi capabilities, you will not need a new device. TVs should have a HDMI connection in order to receive the best possible signals from ALIV Fibr.

The Optical Network Terminal (ONT) is an upgraded device which converts lightning fast optical signals coming through the fibre into separate signals for FTTH services. The ONT will need to be placed near an electrical outlet, which will act as its power source.

Yes. Electricity is a required component, however the ONT device has a battery backup of up to eight hours based on usage and shelf life.

This upgrade will result in a nominal increase to your monthly fees of about $10 or less depending on your ALIVFibr bundle.

  • Yes! Our broadband is designed with the future in mind with up to 1GB of download speed (the fastest available in the country), tiers of bandwidth to fit every need, included ONTs with built in WiFi mesh software for best in home connectivity and digital solutions to enhance the ALIV Fibr experience including our Fibr app. 
  • Our TV and phone services include 4k resolution, an upgraded ALIV Fibr tv box with streaming app accesibility, ALIV Fibr TV and phone apps, and unlimited calling. 

Our AlivFibr broadband is designed with the future in mind. 

  • Really Fast! - Up to 1Gbps download speed (fastest available in the country) 
  • Affordable - 4 tiers of bandwidth to fit your every need 
  • No More Dead Spots! - Built in WIFI mesh with controls for best in-home connectivity 
  • Ready for The Future - Built in capacity for future demands, through gaming, security & IoT

Additional features include:

    • 4 Ethernet Ports
    • 2 Phone Ports
    • Integrated Wi-Fi (2.4G & 5G)
    • Integrated Mesh software
    • Expandable with additional beacons
    • Customer App with customer configurable tools (E.g. parental control, WiFi scheduling)

Watch your favorite shows and stay in the know with 170+ channels on AlivFibrTV

The next generation of TV is here. Enjoy:

  • 200+ Channels Available – including movies, foreign language & premium sports 
  • 4K Resolution - Sharpest video available 
  • TV Anywhere – Watch TV on any device (TV, mobile or computer) 
  • Time Shift TV – Pause & rewind live TV. Record TV to watch later on any device 
  • Voice Search – Search across apps for your favourite show with your voice 
  • Streaming Apps Available – HBOMax, Netflix, Disney+, YouTube and more

A current paid subscription is required to access streaming apps on ALIV Fibr TV such as Netflix, Disney+ ,etc. Your ALIV Fibr TV app is 100% included in your TV or bundle cost. 

    • Unlimited Calls to Local & International Destinations:
      • USA, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, UK & US VI
    • 17 Calling Features:

    – Call Forwarding
    – Call Waiting With Caller ID
    – Call Return (*69)
    – Busy Redial
    – Selective Call Acceptance
    – Toll Barring
    – Caller ID
    – Custom Speed Dial
    – Call Forwarding
    – Caller ID Blocking (*67)
    – Selective Call Rejection
    – Customer Origination Trace
    – 3-Way Calling
    – Anonymous Call Blocker

Yes. REV technicians and/or authorized contractors will need to enter your home to install new wiring. A technician will never show up without first making an appointment and then scheduling a time to show up. All of our technicians will wear ALIV Fibr uniforms and identification. 

AlivFibr will be rolled out in a phased approach. Sign up on to find out when we’re coming to your area. This service is currently available in Nassau, New providence. Contact 601-8992  or to learn when its coming to your area. 

Were always here for you. You can call us. You can message us. You can drop in. Or, you can chat live to one of our help team. Were happy to help. Always!  Contact us at

Device Help

  • iPhone 12 Pro

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      6.1" | 1170 x 2532 pixels
      12 MP | 2160P
      4GB RAM | 128 GB Storage
      3240mAh | Li-Po
  • Galaxy S21 Ultra

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      6.8" | 1440 x 3200 pixels
      108 MP | 4320P
      12/16GB RAM | 256 GB Storage
      5000mAh | Li-Ion
  • TCL 20 L

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      6.67" | 1080 x 2400 pixels
      48 MP | 1080P
      4- 6 GB RAM | 128 GB Storage
      5000 mAh | Li-Po
  • TCL 20 E

    Buy Now
      6.52" | 720 x 1600 pixels
      13 MP | 1080P
      4GB RAM | 64 GB Storage
      4000mAh | Li-Po
  • Galaxy A32S

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      6.4" | 1080 x 2400 pixels
      64 MP | 1080P
      4-8GB RAM | 32 GB Storage
      5000mAh | Li-Po


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