Aliv Telecommunications sponsorship strategy

Aliv is committed to implementing its sponsorship strategy in full conformity with its corporate social responsibility (CSR) strategy. Every year, Aliv sponsors numerous initiatives & events throughout The Bahamas. This support can be provided through money, volunteers and/or product. Our goal is to provide support and sponsorship for programs and events that are related to Arts, Music & Entertainment; Civic Engagement; Health; Education & Technology; Social Services and Sports to reach the widest possible public. 

Every year, we receive hundreds of applications; therefore, we ask you to submit your request only if your sponsorship proposal clearly fits any of the above-mentioned topics and meets all other criteria as well. The applications received will be judged according to the following sponsorship guidelines.

What do we support?

  • Events and programs related to Arts, Music & Entertainment, Civic Engagement; Health; Education & Technology; Social Services and Sports.


What we DO NOT support?


  • Political and religious activities. Our company maintains a consistently independent and neutral political position and an attitude of equal respect for all religions. Accordingly, Aliv does not prefer any political party, religion, or religious denomination over others.
  • Requests from private individuals. Our goal is to ensure that our sponsorships and donations can reach the broadest possible range of those in need. Therefore, we cooperate with, and sponsor non-governmental organizations that are committed to channeling our resources in an effective manner.
  • If you think that your request meets the criteria above, send your written application to the following e-mail address: 


Sponsorship principles/selection criteria

Requirements as to the form and content of applications:


  • The summary section should contain:
  • The purpose of the event/initiative,
  • Information as to how it fits to our company’s CSR strategy,
  • An event description in brief,
  • The expected number of participants,
  • Form and amount of sponsorship*,
  • Each sponsorship will include clearly stated objectives and measurable deliverables.                   
  • Each sponsorship should aim to deliver a strong return on investment (ROI) Aliv by providing appropriate media, product placement and sponsorship leverage opportunities according to level of investment. 
  • We seek balance in our sponsorship portfolio, with a combination of commercial and community-focused sponsorships. 
  • Where possible, sponsorships will deliver opportunities for employees to participate.

The CSR Manager of our company will decide on all written requests received monthly.

Accordingly, you will get a response to your request within appr. 1 month. All applications will be answered in writing. Thank you for your patience.