Wireless Broadband Device FAQs

1. What is a Wireless Broadband Device? ALIVGO & ALIV SOHO?
Aliv provides wireless broadband services following the guidelines set out in the terms & conditions.
ALIVGO is a compact yet powerful portable MiFi device.
ALIV SOHO is a powerful portable WiFi device that can be used in the home or business establishment.

2. How much does it cost?
You will have full use of the device in accordance with the terms & conditions for 2 years with no upfront cost. The plan is $75 plus VAT.

3. Do I have to sign a contract?
You will need to sign and agree to the terms & conditions.

4. Can I make calls?                                                                                
No, you cannot make calls or texts, the sim is for data usage only.

5. Which data plans are included?
You must purchase the monthly MiFi $75 plan.

6. Does my data roll over?

7. How many persons can use the device?
Maximum of five 5. persons can use the ALIVGO.
Maximum of fifteen 15. persons can use the ALIVSOHO.

8. Can I use another SIM other than an ALIV sim?
No, ALIV medium sims are to be used only.

9. Can I use the device when I travel?
No, the device can only be used within The Bahamas.

10. What if my device is faulty?
Your device is under warranty for ninety 90. days.

11. Who do I contact for technical issues?
If you are having issues you can read the “setting up MiFi device manual”. If your issue persists, call 611 or 300.2548.