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We’ve partnered with the University of The Bahamas and have made giving back even easier for you. Watch our short clip to find out more about our partnership.

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On October 30th, the University of The Bahamas and ALIV signed a historic partnership involving two great institutions with the goal of bringing advanced technology and innovation to our Bahamians students.

Giving back just got easier! Here’s a unique opportunity to offer every Bahamian student advancement in technology, and the opportunity to be the BEST.

You can do your part by signing up and giving back with the UB Alumni Association and become a part of the UB Alumni Group.


You can sign up two ways:

  • If you are an existing Aliv customer, fill out the below form, then sign on to your MyAliv app, choose ‘subscriber group’, search for University and click ‘join’.


  • If you are a BTC customer, fill out the below form and our Concierge team will give you a call back with further details. 



Once you have joined the UB Alumni group, purchase ANY plan through the MyAliv app and a percentage of your purchase will be donated to the University of The Bahamas.

It's that simple!


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UB Alumni Group Signup

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If you are BTC customer, a Concierge rep will contact you.