The List terms & conditions

  1. “The List” is a Rewards Program (“The Program”) organized and hosted by Be ALIV Limited.
  2. The Program is only open to ALIV subscribers.
  3. The Program will be available as of 12:00 a.m. April 18, 2018. Be ALIV Limited reserves the right to change or end The Program at any time.
  4. Any ALIV subscriber who has been on the network for at least three months with minimum average monthly spend of $45 or more or any ALIV subscriber who spends $135 or more in one month is automatically enrolled.
  5. Points are not redeemable. Points are only qualifying points and put you in your applicable tiers.
  6. Subscribers cannot transfer reward points earned between subscribers nor can reward points be redeemed for cash.
  7. Only ALIV employees with paid plans are eligible.
  8. Rewards can only be earned when purchasing an ALIV service such as: plans, add-ons, roaming, long distance calls, and out-of-bundle calls and texts. 
  9. Every three dollars ($3) spent on an ALIV service is equal to 1 qualifying point. 
  10. Rewards can only be redeemed at partner companies. Partner companies list can be found on
  11. Rewards cannot be used to make purchases at ALIV or any of the partner companies.
  12. There are three tiers: Gold, Silver and Platinum. A subscriber cannot be a part of or receive rewards from multiple tiers simultaneously.
  13. Terms and Conditions apply to all ALIV subscribers.