The List FAQs

  1. What is “The List”?
    “The List” is a rewards program which offers various benefits and rewards to ALIV subscribers.
  2. When does The List come into effect?
    The List will launch on April 18th, 2018.
  3. How long is this program for?
    “The List” will be an ongoing rewards program for ALIV subscribers.
  4. Who can benefit from The List?
    Any ALIV subscriber who has been on the network for at least 90 days with an average monthly spend of $45 or more or any ALIV subscriber who has accumulated 45 points or more over the last 90 days is automatically enrolled and will qualify. 
  5. How does The List work?
    “The List” will be facilitated through the “MyRewards” section of the “MyALIV” app. In the “MyRewards” section you will be able to monitor how many points you have accumulated, keep track of which tier you fall in and monitor your rewards.
  6. Once I purchase an ALIV phone do I automatically qualify?
    No. The purchase of handsets does not go toward the calculation of the qualifying points. 
  7. Can I use points to buy plans?
  8. Can I move from one tier to another?
    Yes. You can move up or down across the various tiers based on your spending pattern with ALIV. 
  9. How many tiers are there?
    There are 3 tiers.
      + Silver (45 – 74 qualifying points)
      + Gold (75 – 114 qualifying points)
      + Platinum (115+ qualifying points)
  10. Which companies are a part of the loyalty program?
    The full list of partner companies can be found at
  11. How can I see the rewards that I qualify for?
    You can view your rewards through the “MyRewards” section of the “MyALIV” app. 
  12. How are the qualifying points calculated?
    Every three dollars ($3) spent on ALIV services (plans, add-ons, roaming, long distance calls, out-of-bundle calls and texts) equals 1 qualifying point. 
  13. If I have a company and am an ALIV customer can I be part of The List as well?
    Companies wishing to be a part of “The List” can send an email to 
  14. Can reward points be transferred between ALIV subscribers?
  15. Do I need data to redeem rewards?
    No. The MyALIV App is free to use for all ALIV subscribers and will not use up any of your data.
  16. Are ALIV employees eligible to participate?
    Yes, if they meet the minimum required monthly spend of $45 or more exclusive of their free employee plan.