“Refer a Friend” FAQs

1)    What is the “Refer a Friend” Rewards Program?
ALIV Refer-A-Friend Rewards is a rewards program that offers current ALIV customers and their friends $50 in credit adjustment Rewards for new post-paid activations. 

2)    Who can benefit from The Promotion?
Refer-A-Friend reward cashback are only available for new postpaid (new to Aliv or switching your number) active on a standard weekly/ monthly plan and not receiving any monthly access discounts. The accounts must be activated within 15 days of receiving a Refer-A-Friend referral and remain active and in good standing with an active plan) for at least 45 days. ALIV employees; corporate customers and affiliates aren't eligible for this program. 
New customers must activate a standard weekly/monthly account on the new ALIV Plan.

3)    What are the reward tiers?
+ Postpaid: Refer your friends to ALIV. You’ll both get a $50 credit for every successful post-paid activation (new to Aliv or switching your number).

4)    How does the program work?

a.    For Referrals:
If you are an existing Aliv customer, to earn rewards for referring family and friends to Aliv, all you need to do is sign up for the Aliv Refer a Friend program on www.bealiv.com by providing your name, a valid email address, your Aliv mobile number and accepting the program Terms & Conditions.
•    Engage your own audiences by copying and pasting your unique link into your preferred social sharing option via WhatsApp or text (available on mobile devices); Facebook, Twitter or forwarding via email.
•    Add a personal message to your invitation.
•    Post the offer.
•    You can post the offer as many times as you like.

b). For Referees: 
If you are planning to become a new Aliv customer because your family member or friend told you about us, make sure you claim your referral offer, activate your Aliv phone and return to the referral site to provide us with your new Aliv mobile number to earn your reward.
Your friends will need to click on the offer and then enter their email address when prompted. After that, if they use the same email address when activating a new account within 15 days, registering online, completing the activation in a store - you'll both get rewards after the new account has been active and in good standing (with an active plan) for 45 days.

5)    How will I know if the referral is successful?
Once a potential Refer-A-Friend has activated service, you and your friend will get an email to confirm that the Refer-A-Friend has been completed and that a reward will be processed after the new account has been active and in good standing (with an active plan) for 45 days.

6)    How will I receive my rewards?
Once the new account has been active and in good standing for 45 days, we'll apply the new customer’s account a credit adjustment to the monthly postpaid account
We'll apply a credit adjustment credit to the referrer’s wallet. The amount depends on how many Refer-A-Friends were activated in one calendar month (maximum of $300 in cashback rewards per account, per calendar year).

7)    Do I get a Refer-A-Friend reward for every line activated on the new account?
No. One Refer-A-Friend credit adjustment reward is given for each new account created

8)    I have a friend who had ALIV before and left, can I get a Refer-A-Friend reward for getting them back?
Absolutely. It's the same process.

9)    If I have questions, who do I contact?
If you need any additional help, you can contact our customer service team here: https://www.bealiv.com/contact-us