“Postpaid Device Offer” FAQs

1)    What is the “Postpaid Device Offer”?
The Postpaid device offer is an ALIV promotion geared towards BTC customers who port their postpaid or prepaid numbers.

2)    Who can participate in the Postpaid Device Offer?
Postpaid and Prepaid BTC customers and existing Aliv prepaid customers.

3)    What are the offers for BTC porters and ALIV prepaid moving to postpaid?
When BTC Customers port to the ALIV network starting 12:00 a.m. January 9th, 2019 they are eligible to purchase the following devices at the following prices:

                                    BTC porting postpaid              ALIV prepaid to postpaid

iPhone 8 64gb                         $299                                        $399

iPhone 8+ 64gb                       $399                                        $499

iPhone Xr 64gb                       $399                                        $499

iPhone Xr 256gb                     $599                                        $699

Samsung 9+                            $399                                        $499

Samsung A750                       $199                                        $299

Samsung J6+                          $49                                          $99

*VAT exclusive / Liberty Elite and Platinum plans only

4)    Can I pay by credit card? 
Yes, you can pay by credit card to purchase any phone, while supplies last.

5)    How many numbers can I port?
Customers may port as many numbers as they wish once proof is provided and it is confirmed that they are the rightful owner of the number(s) they are porting.

6)    Is there a pdf or link that shows costs of all phones (regular price)
You can see all phone prices on https://www.bealiv.com/shop/phones