Notice of Changes to Consumer Postpaid Contract Terms & Conditions

June 5th, 2019

Effective from 5th July 2019, changes to our Terms & Conditions for Consumer Postpaid Contracts will include:

  • Amending clause 2 to reflect that an early termination fee applied to each line of service if you do not maintain your agreed upon services through the end of your term will change from set fees based upon the days left on the consumer postpaid plan to an early termination fee/charge equal to the value of your monthly charges for the remaining months of your postpaid agreement.  You will also be permitted to upgrade or downgrade your plan on request once you sign a new contract. No charges will be required for plan upgrades, but payment of a fee is required for plan downgrades. 
  • Amending clause 3 to reflect that payment of an upfront deposit may be waived at sign up and/or deferred for payment at a later date at the sole discretion of Aliv.


View updated terms and conditions here.

We will contact all affected customers by email a minimum of 30 days in advance of their first affected bill.  Following receipt of this notice, customers may change or cancel their contract within 14 days, without penalty, by dialing 300-2548 or 611 from your Aliv phone.  The continued use of services after the effective date is considered acceptance of these changes.

Customers who signed up for an Aliv Consumer Postpaid Plan after April 24, 2019 will not be affected by these changes. 

If you require more information, please visit your local Aliv store location or phone 300-2548 or 611 from your Aliv phone