“March Offer” FAQs

1)    What is the “March Offer”?
The March Offer is an ALIV promotion for BTC customers who port their numbers during the month of March.

2)    Who can participate in the March Offer?
BTC customers.

3)    What are the porting options for post-paid and pre-paid customers?
When BTC Customers port to the ALIV network starting 12:00 a.m. March 1, 2018 they are eligible to receive:

Up to 50% off - Alcatel 5049/LG K8//Samsung S8 Plus/iPhone X 64GB with a minimum purchase of:
Low-tier – Freedom30 plan
Mid-Tier – Freedom30 plan
High-tier – Liberty50 plan

Up to 20% off - all low and mid-tier handsets with minimum plan purchase of:
Low tier – Freedom20 plan
Mid-tier – Freedom30 plan

Up to 30% off - all high tier handsets with minimum plan purchase of:
High tier – Liberty120 plan

4)    What do the Liberty and Freedom plans include?
All Plan details are located on our website at https://www.bealiv.com/shop/plans

5)    Can I pay by credit card when I am purchasing the Phones? 
Yes, you can pay by credit card to purchase any phone, while supplies last.

6)    How many numbers can I port?
Customers may port as many numbers as they wish once proof is provided and it is confirmed that they are the rightful owner of the number(s) they are porting.

7)    Where can I port my number?
At any ALIV flagship store or any ALIV mobile store

8)    Is there a pdf or link that shows costs of all phones (regular price)
You can see all phone prices on https://www.bealiv.com/shop/phones

9)    How can BTC customers participate in this promotion?
BTC customers can participate in this promotion by porting their mobile number(s) to ALIV’s service.

10)     Will customers be able to exchange the offer items for cash, products, or services? 
No. The offer is restricted to the items mentioned in the promotion and must not be exchanged for cash, products or services.