“January Offer” FAQs

1)    What is the “January Offer”?
During the month of January existing ALIV subscribers both prepaid and post-paid will receive either cashback or added data based on their respective plan purchases. In addition, subscribers will be automatically entered to win either one of two grand prizes, $1000 or $500 worth of groceries.

2)    Who can participate in the January Offer?
Post-paid and Prepaid ALIV subscribers.

3)    What are the offers for ALIV postpaid subscribers?
When ALIV post-paid subscribers pay their bills in full during the month of January they receive an additional 2GB of data and automatically entered to win $1,000. 

4)    What are the offers for ALIV prepaid subscribers?
When ALIV pre-paid subscribers make any Freedom20 or Freedom30 plan purchase they receive $2 cashback and $5 cashback with any Liberty plan purchase. Prepaid subscribers are also automatically entered to win $500 worth of groceries. 

5)    If I purchase more than one plan does that count as extra entries for the grand prize?

6)    Can I pay by credit card? 
Yes, you can pay by credit card to purchase any plan or pay your bill.

7)    What can I use my cashback for?
Subscribers may use their cashback for future plan purchases, local calls or when roaming.

8)    How will I know if I win the grand prize?
The winner will be announced during a live drawing date tbd