“February Offer” FAQs

1)    What is the “February Device Offer”?
The February device offer is an ALIV promotion geared towards BTC prepaid and postpaid porting customers.  

2)    Who can participate in the February Device Offer?
Post-paid and Prepaid BTC customers porting can take advantage of the device offers however all subscribers can take advantage of the gift card offer.

3)    What are the offers for BTC prepaid and postpaid porters?
Purchase a Freedom20 plan: get the Alcatel 1X at $29 and the Alcatel 1 or ZTE free + free gift 
Purchase a Freedom30 plan: get the Samsung J6+ at $69 and the Alcatel 1 or ZTE free + free gift 

4)    What are the offers for all subscribers?
Purchase a $50 Gift Card or more to be entered to win a romantic dinner for 2 at The Dune and a portrait by The Celebrity Artist.

5)    When will the winner be announced?
The winner will be announced on February 14th, 2019 live in store. If the winner is chosen from the family islands, they will receive a $300 cash voucher towards dinner and be asked to send a photo for the painting. 

6)    Can I pay by credit card? 
Yes, you can pay by credit card to purchase any phone, while supplies last.

7)    How many numbers can I port?
Customers may port as many numbers as they wish once proof is provided and it is confirmed that they are the rightful owner of the number(s) they are porting.

8)    Is there a pdf or link that shows costs of all phones (regular price)
You can see all phone prices on https://www.bealiv.com/shop/phones