“Apple for Life” terms and conditions

(1)    The “Apple for Life” Program (“The Promotion”) is organized and hosted by Be Aliv Limited. 

(2)    The Program is open to all existing Aliv customers and current BTC Customers.  

(3)    The Program starts at 12:00 a.m. February 22, 2018. Be Aliv Limited reserves the right to change or end the Program at any time. (“Program Promotion Period”).

(4)    The Program’s Agreement is for the duration of 24 months from issuance of a new device.

(5)    The following iPhone options are available in the Program:
1. iPhone 8 64GB                  monthly payment $125            down payment        $299
2. iPhone 8+ 64GB               monthly payment $125            down payment        $349
3. iPhone 8+ 256GB             monthly payment $150            down payment        $399
4. iPhone XR 64GB              monthly payment $150            down payment        $429
5. iPhone XR 256GB            monthly payment $150            down payment        $499
6. iPhone XS 64GB              monthly payment $150            down payment        $549
7. iPhone XS 256GB             monthly payment $150            down payment        $599
8. iPhone XS Max 64GB      monthly payment $150            down payment        $649
9. iPhone XS Max 256GB    monthly payment $150            down payment        $699

* excluding VAT    

(6)    The customer agrees to pay Aliv a monthly payment each month as defined by handset selected in section (5) (VAT exclusive). The first payment is due at the time of handset delivery.

(7)    The customer will be responsible for any damages to the device during the payment term after the warranty period.

(8)    The customer will remain liable for any balance as it relates to the Aliv Apple for Life Program.

(9)    The customer will not be allowed to port services attached to the Aliv Apple for Life Program to another service provider until completion of the payment term.

(10)    The customer agrees to maintain an AFL75 or AFL120-Day plan for the duration of the Aliv Apple for Life Program. The customer also agrees to sign up for autopayment within the MyAliv App at time of activation.

(11)    Aliv reserves the right to retain ownership of handset until balance is paid in full.

(12)    Aliv reserves the right to disconnect services or retrieval of Apple For Life iPhone upon failure of the customer to make agreed monthly payments.

(13)    The customer agrees to become a consumer post-paid customer under Aliv.

(14)    The customer may exercise the upgrade option to purchase a new eligible iPhone, subject to availability, under all of the following conditions:
a.    Payment – the customer has paid the equivalent of at least twelve (12) installment payments including any taxes.
b.    Aliv Plan – the customer has continuously maintained a monthly AFL plan on their financed phone.

(15)    To use the upgrade option, you must:
a.    trade in your financed phone in good physical and operational condition, as directed by Aliv 
b.    enroll in a new Apple for Life program which includes applying for and entering into a new 24-month contract

(16)    If the customer exercises the upgrade option, the customer must return the original iPhone upon receiving the new upgraded iPhone.

(17)    The returned iPhone must be in good physical and operating condition when exercising the upgrade option as determined by Aliv and trade-in service provider. The returned iPhone must, but not be limited to:
1. Power on and hold a charge
2. Have an intact and functioning display
3. Have no visible breaks or cracks
4. Have activation lock disabled
5. Have Apple ID removed

(18)    The offer is restricted to the items mentioned in section (5) of the terms and conditions.

(19)    Customers must not exchange items in the Program for cash, products or services.

(20)    ALIV’s decision in all matters relating to the Program is final. 

(21)    By participating in the Program, all participants agree to be bound by these terms and conditions. 

(22)    Terms and Conditions apply to all eligible customers.