Apple for life FAQs

1.    What is Apple for Life?                    
Apple for Life is a special upgrade program that allows you to get the latest iPhone every year once eligible.     
2.    How do I get Apple for Life?                    
To see if you are an eligible customer, visit and answer a few short questions. Note if you are not currently an Aliv subscriber, you will need to port your number before eligibility.     
3.    Who can take advantage of Apple for Life?                
Existing Aliv customers who are qualified to upgrade and current BTC customers.
4.    How soon can I upgrade?                    
Although the lease term is 24 months, if the next iPhone is launched and you have made at least 12 consecutive monthly payments, you are eligible to upgrade.                
5.    Can I make more than one payment a month or make a larger payment in order to upgrade sooner?                    
No, you can only upgrade after 12 months of consecutive payments.

6.    What are my options for reducing upfront or monthly costs?            
With the Apple for Life program, you can trade in your current working Apple phone for a trade-in credit. This credit can be used toward your down payment.
7.    Do I get a replacement phone if my device is lost, damaged or stolen?     
Aliv’s warranty period is 90 days. The subscriber is responsible for any repairs or replacement of the handsets beyond this period.            
8.    What documents do I need to sign up?                     
Customers are to provide two government issued IDs and signed Aliv Apple for Life Agreement.
9.    Can I cancel the payment plan before the end?                      
Yes. However, payment of the outstanding balance is needed in order to cancel before the end of the contract.    
10.    What iPhone options are available?            
iPhone 8 64GB  
iPhone 8+ 64GB
iPhone 8+ 256GB
iPhone XR 64GB 
iPhone XR 256GB
iPhone XS 64GB  
iPhone XS 256GB
iPhone XS Max 64GB
iPhone XS Max 256GB
11.    What Plan options are available?
AFL75 (12GB Data, 900 Minutes, 900 Texts)            
AFL120 (unlimited Data, Minutes, Texts)                    
excluding VAT    

12.    How much are the monthly payments?    
iPhone 8 64GB                 $125            down payment        $299
iPhone 8+ 64GB               $125            down payment        $349
iPhone 8+ 256GB             $150            down payment        $399
iPhone XR 64GB               $150            down payment        $429
iPhone XR 256GB             $150            down payment        $499
iPhone XS 64GB               $150            down payment        $549
iPhone XS 256GB             $150            down payment        $599
iPhone XS Max 64GB      $150            down payment        $649
iPhone XS Max 256GB    $150            down payment        $699

excluding VAT                                        

13.    Is there a down payment required?                    
Yes, there is a non-refundable down payment starting from $499 based on iPhone model chosen. VAT exclusive.    (see question 12 for more details).
14.    Where do I go to pick up the phones?                    
Once eligible, a Concierge rep will contact you and set up a meeting.             
15.    Is there an option to increase my payment amount monthly to reduce the time to pay back?                    
No. Terms and conditions are as agreed in the contract upon receipt of device.          
16.    What if I don’t want to upgrade my iPhone?                    
You’re under no obligation to upgrade, and after 24 consecutive payments, the iPhone is yours.    
17.    Does this monthly payment include the cost of a monthly plan?  
Yes, this monthly payment includes repayment of the device and monthly plan.  Customers should maintain enough credit on their Aliv account to enable auto-renew of the selected plan. 

18.    How long before I receive my phone after a Concierge visit?  
Customers receive phone after signing contract and providing relevant documents. 

19.    Is VAT excluded from the monthly payment?  

20.    Where do I go to pick up the phone? 
Once customer is eligible, Apple for Life is available at ALL Aliv locations.

21.    How many devices do I get per contract? 
Per the Aliv Apple for Life form, customers can access one (1) device per contract.  Should a customer want a second device, the customer must sign a second Aliv Apple for Life Agreement.  Each Aliv Apple for Life Agreement entitles a customer to one device per agreement.

22.    Where can I make a payment for my Apple for Life program? 
Customers can make payments using the following methods:  

•    My Aliv App

Sign on to your MyAliv app from your phone, and pay by debit or credit card.

•    Online Portal
Log in to your account at, click on invoice to view payment amount, then pay by debit or credit card.

•    In Store
You can make a bill payment in person by visiting your nearest Aliv Store. See below locations:

•    Rosetta Street, Palmdale, New Providence
•    Marathon Mall, New Providence
•    Southwest Plaza, Carmichael Road, New Providence
•    Kenneth’s Plaza, Prince Charles, New Providence
•    The Shoppes at Carmichael Road Plaza, Carmichael Road, New Providence
•    Abaco Shopping Plaza, Marsh Harbour, Abaco
•    Lucaya Shopping Mall, Grand Bahama
•    Spanish Wells, Eleuthera 
•    Governors Harbour, Eleuthera

23.    What number should I call for additional inquiries?                 
Customers may call 601-2200 or 300-ALIV.