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1) what is MiFi?
MiFi is a Wi-Fi solution that allows you to have personalized Wi-Fi access on the go, this can be shared between mobile internet-enabled devices — such as smartphones, laptops, tablets and even game consoles

2) who can purchase a MiFi plan?
anyone can purchase a MiFi plan.

3) can i pay by credit card? 

yes, you can pay by credit card to purchase any plan through your MyAliv app.

4) where can i purchase the MiFi plans?

you can purchase MiFi plans in store, any affinity van or through your MyAliv app.

5) is a deposit required?

there is no deposit required for postpaid or prepaid.

6) how long is the postpaid contract term?

one (1) year.

7) where can i purchase a MiFi device?

at any ALIV location.

8) does my data roll over?

no. but we offer a variety of packages to suit your pocket.

9) how many devices can i connect the same time?

up to five (5) devices for the Alcatel Linkzone. up to fifteen (15) devices for the Alcatel Hub.

10) can i use the device when i travel?

no. the device can only be used within The Bahamas.

11) what is fair usage?

Fair usage is a policy that allows our customers choice when selecting their MiFi plans. Customers can choose a plan based on their speed and data needs. Our fair usage policy allows Aliv to guarantee an optimal connected experience across our reliable and fast LTE network. When you reach the fair usage of your plan, you may experience reduced speeds.

12) why does ALIV do this?

our policy is in line with common industry standards for network management, which are designed to optimize network performance and service. every wireless provider maintains policies that help manage network traffic.

13) but I pay for unlimited data.

yes, your plan is unlimited data- you never get charged for overages. however, you may experience reduced speeds once you have hit fair usage- check your plan details to determine what your fair usage policy is.

14) how much slower will my data speeds be?

the actual speeds may vary depending on your location and the number of people using the network at the same time. however, speeds may drop down to 256KBs.

15) where can i get more details on my overall data usage?
sign-in to your MyAliv app and look up your data usage summary.

16) what can i do to avoid hitting fair usage?
monitor your data usage through your MyAliv app. make sure to disconnect devices when not in use and periodically check only devices in use are connected.

17) what if i don’t want my speed to slow down? can i pay more to avoid it?

yes, you can increase your fair usage up to 200GB. Simply visit any of our ALIV stores, log-in to the MyAliv app or visit by upgrading your plan.